You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about B & M Automotive & Diesel Service:

My parents are in from NY and were having car trouble so I recommended B & M because they have fixed my car in the past. I find them to be honest and have reasonable prices. I say honest because I had a brake problem that another mechanic quoted me at $600 but at the time I couldn't afford so I brought my car to B & M for just an oil change. When I drove off I noticed the brakes felt like they were working properly again so I looked at the invoice from B & M and noticed they replaced a simple brake hose at no charge! The staff is very kind and welcoming and the owner Bob was there to greet us. They fixed my parents car and had them back on the road in no time. This place is a hidden gem. We will definitely be loyal customers for life now :)

Angel R. - Knoxville, TN

Great service and work at B &M auto. The owner is great and is all about service. Entire mechanic staff is very good and you will get the job you need done right. i take all my mechanic work there and never disappointed. They are honest and do very good work, try them you will be back! Thanks Bob and staff!

David T. - Knoxville, TN

Love, love, love B & M, Bob and Archie! I have been a satisfied, repeat customer since moving back to Knoxville in 2008. They have kept my car and my college-based son and daughter's vehicles going versus having to deal with car payments! What I have liked best about B & M is that they will give you a "triage" list recommending what you must do immediately vs. what can wait and be done at a later date, and it has been a remarkably accurate estimation each time with no sudden problems because I waited as they advised when my budget required it. I also tremendously appreciate that Bob and Archie have helped me and my son shop around on 2 occasions in just the last two years to get the best deals on parts - one was a computer part for my Chevy Silverado speedometer that ran about $350 and the other tricky and costly part Bob "magically" found was a like-new set of rims to "de-soup" my son's used Ford Ranger so that it could hold regularly-sized tires.

Laura-Knoxville, TN

5 Stars - I just want to tell everyone how fair and honest Archie the service manager and Bob the owner of B&M are. I work for a company and take care of a fleet of 13 diesel trucks. I had a truck that was broke down and the place I had it at told me it would be 6,000 dollars to repair. Needless to say I didn't believe that was possible as my driver drove the truck there for an oil change. I had the truck towed to B&M and it was repaired for under 100 dollars, they just had to bleed the fuel lines. It is very hard in today's day and age to find an honest auto repair shop, but B&M is one of them. I had a second truck broke down over 200 miles away and was having similar issues - the company couldn't fix it and kept charging me more $ and the truck still didn't run correct. I had it towed to B&M and it was repaired for under 1700 dollars when the other company wanted upwards of 9,000 dollars. Needless to say I am fighting the charges from the other company. Bottom line if you're anywhere near Knoxville TN you should check out B&M - they're as honest as it gets!

Mike C. - Mentor, OH

New to the Knoxville area and have been trying different maintenance shops...and they were the winner! :) super friendly staff, honest & quick service! I would definitely recommend!